Nannup Over Nighter 2012

Beers at the Mumby

The Mumby

The curse of the 999

Running repairs

Good as new

Spaz chilling

Some fat prick

Macca the shark

Apple Crumble yum!

Robbie and Spaz




The Spazmoceduci

Tazzie yarns aplenty



(A Coops Eye view)

Once again, the annual Nannup Overnighter proved a great adventure for those in attendance. And once again, it was not without drama. I caught up with Captain Morgan’s group of 5, at Waterloo Roadhouse for the Ferguson, Mumby, Charlie Creek, Kirup, Greenbushes run. Lee; The Mumby publican, true to form had run out of gas, but managed to knock up some burgers on a hot plate, with a lot of help from his mum. Where the hell is Mumballup I hear you ask...? “Half way between Yabberup and Noggerup of course.”

1st minor incident was Bruffy’s gear shifter swinging in the breeze. Soon sorted with a screw and nylock nut from my emergency fix-it bag of tricks. After lunch we had a great run across to Kirup via Charlie Creek Rd, always a popular leg, and despite doing it a 100’s of times, I always overshoot the right hand turn at about half way point... wasn’t alone there. Arrival in Kirup for a rehydration break marked;

2nd minor incident. John on the Street Fighter had lost his wallet en-route and decided to back track for a look, while we soldiered on. Given the history of the ‘Bird Strike’ on Cundinup Rd, we decided to do Marinup –Ford rd through Greenbushes, a vigorous road introduced to me by Sully a few years back. Leading this leg was fun on the Multi and I remembered to alert the brethren to a blind left hander that causes some saucer sized eyeballs and sphincter extraction when punters come over a rise about a third of the way from Greenbushes. We arrival in Nannup  just after the splinter group of Spaz, Robbie, Macca and Frank. Now the 3rd incident was more like ‘par for the course’ than an incident. Let’s just say, that any ride to Nannup involving ‘The Cap’n and a certain 999 means for something to happen, is pretty much “a given”. We’re enjoying a beer when the Sports Devil Splinters enquire;

“What happened to the number plate on the 999?”

3rd minor/medium incident begs the question; is the 999, really 666 upside down? Best answered by Morgs or Frank. The pictures tell the story. Mostly featuring Captain Morgan’s Tool Time in Nannup.

In the interest of improved public relations I have to make mention of “Ted’s tirade!” At check in it became apparent that Ted’s room booking had not been recorded, so a fuming Ted summoned the new management and proceeded to give them both barrels, complete with expletives. Now Ted, those anti-angry pills you’re taking? I’ve got to say... they ain’t working mate. Sometimes you just have to chill... and all will be good... and it was. The food by most accounts was vastly improved on previous visits and the apple crumble deserves special mention. We only had it for health reasons, after being depleted of sugar on such a lively days riding.

Saturday night saw John arrive minus his wallet, but no problem for the team rallied in support via “the Bank of Bruff’. Hope you enjoyed the ride John despite your misfortune... great having you along.

Kings of the pool table were Macca and Robbie. Various composite teams tried to challenge this formidable pair, with only limited success. I reckon their winning streak was more due to the fine art of ‘heckling’ than skill with the cue. This observation applies mainly to the Tasmanian Devil, for Robbie exploded with some fine shots from 10 o’clock onwards.

4th minor incident; Frank awoke Sunday to flat rear tyre on the Diavel.... he was not impressed, given that it was a previous patch that had let go with a slow leak. Hope it got you home Frank. Sunday saw the group of 9 reduced to 4 after a ripping breakfast at The Blackwood Cafe. The new owner is an ex DOCWA lad; Marty, and he looked after us in fine style, with a breakfast that set us up for the day. Morgs led us on a fantastic ride criss-crossing Pemberton, Manjimup, Bridgetown, Donnelly River, Greenbushes and Balingup. Riding conditions could not have been better, and the company first class. If you’re a new member and thinking of doing an overnight ride soon, then don’t hesitate, because they’re a lot of fun, and as was the case on this ride, there’s always back-up and support from fellow members when the unexpected happens.

I farewelled the remaining 3 at Balingup with the once new Multi showing 15,500k’s on the clock. Loving  every second on this bike... put your order in Cap’n!

Coops over n out