Kevin McKinnon

It’s with a heavy heart that I prepare this small recollection of some of my memories of my good mate

Kevin MacKinnon who was sadly taken from us on Saturday the 13th of August 2016.

Kevin was known to many of the DOCWA as a passionate and knowledgeable Ducatisti.

His first bike his beloved Darmah was how we connected in a Ducati-sense but it was many years earlier

that we became friends while playing Touch Football together at Northern Districts Touch Football Club.

Kev was a talented Touch player with a turn of speed that saw him earn a reputation as one of the

teams most successful finishers. During the 1990’s we were part of the in-dominatable “Noddys”

club winning a number of club and state championships in the over-30’s, 35’s and mixed divisions.

Kevin ended his Touch career after one too many knee injuries.

A lover of the ocean since his childhood in Nth Beach and the simple life at the families holiday house

in Cervantes he took to paddling a sea-kayak as a fitness alternative to the running games.

Unable to shake his competitive spirit he was soon focused on competing in the Avon Descent,

twice successfully taking his K1 to the finish line in 2005 and 2006.

A man with a steely determination was our Kev.    

It was sometime in the late 90’s that we were having a beer after a game and my DOCWA T-shirt

caught Kev’s eye and he asked me about my Ducati interest.

Our connection was cemented when he revealed he was the proud owner of a 1978 Darmah (mine’s a 1979).

Talk soon turned to a much needed restoration of his machine that had been parked up in his Dad’s Nth Beach

shed since the cost of Ducati repair and maintenance ran headlong into the reality of what a Uni student could afford.

 Not long after, his sadly corroded Darmah arrived at my place in the back of a ute and a 3 year restoration began.

Kev and I spent many hours searching the internet for parts and tinkering together on the rebuild (between bottles of red wine).

He was quick to master the skills required to work on his bike and I was quick to learn that he was way better at applying

his keyboard skills to find the rare original bits required to complete a full-house rebuild than I was.

I watched Kevins passion for our beloved Ducati’s re-surface after he’d let his bike and enthusiasm languish

for many years while he established his business and devoted his spare time to his family.

In more recent times Kevins appetite for his Ducatis grew in parallel with his collection.

He discovered the trials and tribulations of Roundcase ownership and the joy of punting

the delightful Ducati singles in environments ranging from our coffee catch-ups at Hillarys to the

technically challenging Albany Hill Climb and the Piece De Resistance for riders of pre-1960 singles, the Motogiro d’Italia.    

Kevin was an insightful fella whose sharp business acumen was balanced

with a generous and courteous nature which meant he mixed easily with people from all walks of life.

A wonderful conversationalist I will surely miss our rambling discussions of all things bikes,

holiday/bike riding plans, fishing and the fortunes of our beleaguered national rugby team.

A true gentleman in every sense of the word he was a guy that made a positive impact on everyone

who had the good fortune to meet him during his too short life.

Vale Kevin MacKinnon, sadly missed but never forgotten.

Chris Beatty


Bob Dunn

No one saw your boat come in, so quick to depart,

you left a rift in my heart.

Dear bevel brother like no other, virtuous and true, reliable through and through.

Ducati passion deep within, riding singles, riding twins.

Dear bevel brother, showing care, breakdowns, turn arounds, always there, bring them home, none left alone.

Karri forest, riding safe, riding FAST, split formation, what a BLAST!

Dear bevel brother our lives entrusted, one to the other.

A symphony of Conti’s, music through the trees, orchestral movements on the breeze.

Cigarettes and red, sundowners in the shed, observation and wit in equal measure, the memories now I will always treasure.

Dear bevel brother, humor dry as toast, that cheeky grin and rhetoric to boast.

Points system born, annual spread sheet drawn, judge, prosecutor and clerk, a self-appointed lark.

Offences “duly noted” with prejudicial measure, awarding points with the greatest of pleasure.

Deep sea fishing, hill climb scheming, Kokoda track or Giro dreaming

Dear bevel brother, big of heart, small in stature, life’s great adventures embraced with rapture.

My open invitation, to join me on the ride, to feel your spirit once more by my side.

My gratitude is growing for the privilege of knowing. Dear bevel brother... in the void of the bereft

The question begs… what is left?


Deep respect, remembrance and love

Wishing you open roads and clear skies above

Rest in Peace Kev 13.8.2016

Bob Dunn

August 2016