Established circa 1976


The Ducati Owners Club Of Western Australia is a not for profit organization based on the principles of friendship

comradery and a shared love of Ducati Motor Cycles.

The club holds regular  country rides, social events and club meetings.

Both Male and Female Ducati owners or lovers of any age or  ability will be made to feel most welcome.

The objective of our Club is to promote and encourage motorcycling and to promote the name, reputation and

mystique of Ducati engined motorcycles.

Our General Meetings, Committee Meetings, social sips and monthly rides are the mainstay of the

Club’s monthly events.

 In addition, we organise day and overnight runs which can be found in our bi-monthly newsletter.

 The Club website is updated regularly

 Twilight runs for dinner and early morning runs for breakfast are also popular

We also run our Numduc Rally biannually.

To become a full member you must be an owner of a motorbike powered by a Ducati engine . 

Owners of other bikes may join as an associate member enjoying all the benefits the club has to offer but

without voting rights.

Simply print out the application form and post to the PO Box indicated along with your payment and you will be

notified and advised of your membership details.

Application form here


Application form here